Scott Steiner Explained Why He Left Impact Wrestling The First Time

06.19.17 8 months ago 4 Comments


One of the biggest surprises following the ownership changeover of Impact Wrestling was the return of Scott Steiner, who apparently has some PTO saved up at Shoney’s. Steiner is a big part of the main feud in Impact, which is about which announcer gets to keep being an announcer.

Steiner hasn’t been in Impact (or TNA, as it was then known) since 2012, but now the 54-year-old is BACK, baby! He’s still got the headdress and everything! His last run in the company ended with a whimper, as he was released following a three-month period of not being on television.

He spent most of the past five years saying a lot of cusses about WWE people, and in a new interview with Ring Rust Radio, he talked about why he parted ways with Impact last time around. Long story short: he hated everything there.

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