Scott Steiner Was Reportedly Banned From The WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE didn’t want any Big Poppa Pomp & Circumstance at this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony. Wrestling legend (though not officially recognized as such by WWE) Scott Steiner reportedly caused an “ugly incident” on an airplane with Hulk Hogan’s wife Jennifer. No details of what that incident entails have been released, but there’s a certain base line of grossness to interacting with Steiner, so it must have been fairly bad to make WWE say no, that’s too far. posted two photos of Steiner at the SAP Center security the night of the ceremony, in case he tried to sneak in undetected amongst the throng of Anoa’i family members:

I mean, this could just be the beardspiration for someone’s sweet new spring look, but we’re gonna give them the benefit of the doubt on this.

In a few years when this all blows over, I’m really looking forward to Hulk Hogan’s recounting of the time he single-handedly flew a commercial airline jet into the Hall of Fame ceremony, and Scott Steiner was there, too, or something.