WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Went And Got Himself Banned From Another Music Festival

Country music seems to really hate WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. Like Savages, or booking Cold Cave to play in the middle of the afternoon, banning Rollins is the current music festival hotness. Now, we here at With Spandex may not agree with treating the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion like a common laser pointer, the organizers of the Watershed Festival don’t seem to share the same view:

Poor guy. His response?

Rollins is, of course, referring to the time he was totally listed as a banned item at New York’s FarmBorough Country Music Festival. Now, maybe there’s a simple explanation, like the sign maker for Watershed just copy and pasted the first list of prohibited items they could find. Or maybe the secret cabal of country music overlords saw him posing with Wale and refuse to let go of their “Rap is Crap” stance. Or maybe Twitter user @newageamazon figured out the real reason:

Seems legit.

Although the festival is already over, I have to admit I would have paid good money to see Rollins pull a CM Punk and sneak in. I would pay more money if he tried to do it with a cooler full of non-factory sealed water and chain wallets.