Seth Rollins Brought The Fight To Jon Stewart By Crashing ‘The Daily Show’

What started out as an exaggeration of Seth Rollins’ skill set on Raw has escalated into a full-on invasion.

Not one to simply go back and forth on TMZ and his own television show like any normal, run of the mill celebrity, Rollins decided to up the ante. He interrupted what should have been our Moment of Zen and confronted the 160 pounds of dynamite that is Jon Stewart, challenging him to show up on this Monday’s edition of Raw in Newark, N.J.

While the idea of A) going to New Jersey and B) potentially getting my ass kicked by a television-handsome CrossFit monster who carries around a foreign object sounds totally insane to me, Stewart is a regular viewer of the program. And if you’ve watched it lately, that’s also probably a glutton for punishment.

As a helpful reminder, here’s what Rollins’ looks like without his dress shirt/weird wrestling speedsuit:

Welp. Good luck with that, Jon.