Seth Rollins Slayed The Beast In The Surprise Opening Of WrestleMania 35

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Now that’s how you open a WrestleMania.

We thought we were opening in the worst possible way: with Alexa Bliss creating a “WrestleMania moment” by snapping her finger and summoning, of all people, Hulk Hogan. That was quickly interrupted by Paul Heyman, who power-walked to the ring and announced that if Brock Lesnar wasn’t going on last in the main event, he wasn’t going to sit around all night, and would rather hop a jet to Las Vegas where he’s “ultimately” appreciated.

So we opened the show with the Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins, and Lesnar — as he does — attacked Rollins during his entrance and beat him within an inch of his life on the ringside floor. An F-5, tosses into the barricade, tosses into the LED screen, tosses into and over pieces of the announce tables. Most of the match happened before the bell even rang.

When it did, it was a different story.

Rollins used the “great equalizer” of an uppercut to the junk, one of Lesnar’s major weaknesses throughout his WWE career, and followed that up with three consecutive Stomps to put the champ away in record time. Seth Rollins is the new Universal Champion, made good on his promise to “slay the beast” at WrestleMania, and swung the Universal Championship around over his head in celebration.

The only way it would’ve been better is if Lesnar had suplexed Hogan off the stage on his way to the ring.