Seth Rollins Talked To ESPN About The Evolution Of WWE In His Absence

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He’s not a good man, he’s not a bad man, he’s The Man. Seth Rollins instantly brought excitement to the WWE World Heavyweight title picture with his return at Extreme Rules, but there’s been a whirlwind of change since he had to vacate his championship due to injury. New stars have arrived, old stars have departed, Shane McMahon has a sneaker collection worth more than my car… basically, a lot has gone down. How does the Architect plan on keeping afloat in the so-called New Era? Rollins was interviewed on Jonathan Coachman’s weekly SportsCenter segment to detail his plans to stay at the top.

“I guess there is a level of pressure involved with being at the top and having that top spot. It’s not something I’m unfamiliar with. I’m accustomed to it, it’s where I thrive, it’s where I do my best work. So all I gotta do is put in the time, be me, and I think the chips will fall where they may. I’ll be right back where I need to.”

Speaking on the topic of new additions to the main roster (and coming from a position of authority as the inaugural NXT Champion), Seth had nothing but positive things to say about the recent call-ups and who he’d like to face in the future.

“I love it. I love all the new additions to the roster. I think it’s great… I’m of the opinion that iron sharpens iron, and having guys who are hungry and clawing and scratching, wanting to get to the top, that’s only going to push me… You got Apollo Crews, you got Sami Zayn. For me, I think AJ Styles. I wrestled AJ one time 10 years ago in a very small guard armory in Muscatine, Iowa in front of a very small crowd, so it’d be nice to for that to come full circle.”

If you’re wondering if that match from 10 years ago still exists, don’t worry. The internet’s got your back.