There’s Finally Good News Regarding Seth Rollins’ Injury And Wrestlemania

02.07.17 1 year ago 10 Comments

WWE had been advertising that Monday night’s episode of Raw would provide us with an update on Seth Rollins’ condition following his injury last week, but all we got was a picture of one of his tweets and a passing mention that he had suffered an MCL tear. That wasn’t very heartening to fans that are holding their breath because Rollins might miss WrestleMania for a second straight year, but apparently in this case, no news might be good news.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez’s Monday edition of Wrestling Observer Radio brought us some extremely good news about Rollins’ injury. Let’s hear it from the mouth of “Dynamite” Dave Meltzer himself!

“Seth is considered good for WrestleMania. So Triple H [vs.] Seth is on, that’s what they’re working towards. Maybe that’s why they didn’t tip their hand [with a Rollins update on Raw], but they are going with the idea that that match is still on, and that he will be ready for WrestleMania.”

[collective wrestling community exhale]

Obviously, this is just one report, and there’s a long way to go before WrestleMania, but that “long way to go” part might end up being the key to Rollins being ready to go in Orlando on April 2. We’re choosing to hold onto this news with both hands and never let go. Seth Stinkin’ Rollins vs. Triple H: The Final Chapter? might actually happen. Thank goodness.

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