Seth Rollins Reportedly Suffered A Bad Knee Injury During A Match In Ireland

WWE embarked on their usual winter European tour this week, kicking things off tonight at the 3Arena in Dublin. Beause house shows like to keep it fresh, current reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins faced off against Severance Package Kane.

While trying to flip over Kane and powerbomb him from the corner to counter a second-rope suplex, Rollins landed in what I’m told is technically referred to as “a wonky position,” tweaking his knee thusly:

Rollins and Kane finished out the match, though Rollins was showed signs of discomfort, staggering and limping around the ring. Here’s a closer look at his knee buckling, should you want to feel some secondhand discomfort of your own:

After the match, Rollins was helped to the back by the referee and trainer Matt Bloom (Lord Tensai if you’re nasty and also trapped in 2012 by a nefarious time lord I guess):

WWE already came limping into Europe, with two of their biggest live draws out of action. John Cena is on vacation, presumably because it’ll take until December to wash all of his armbands, and Randy Orton is out for the next four to six months because garbage is too heavy for his anthropomorphic snakeman shoulders.

WWE has yet to officially comment on Rollins injury.

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