Seth Rollins’ Social Media Accounts Were Hacked And Now Everybody’s Naked

Perhaps you’ve accidentally seen Seth Rollins’ junk in the past few hours and are looking for an explanation. Perhaps you’re just really into Tumblr.

Regardless, here’s what you need to know: Seth Rollins’ social media accounts were (we’re assuming) hacked and sent out a nude photo of NXT developmental talent Zahra Schreiber. She hasn’t debuted in the ring yet so all we really know is that she’s a professional model and tour manager, and that I guess Seth Rollins has naked pictures of her on his phone.

Neither Rollins nor Schreiber have commented on the initial leak, but it was followed up on Monday night by a second leak: photos of Rollins himself, courtesy of his fiancé Leighla Schultz.

Schultz’s response to people saying that SHE’D been hacked and didn’t personally leak the photos:

So, there’s that. We’ll keep you updated on the legal and/or professional ramifications of this, if there are any.

Rollins issued an apology late Monday night: