Listen To Seth Rollins Apologize To Sting For Potentially Hurting Him At Night Of Champions

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If you watched Sunday’s WWE¬†title match between Seth Rollins and Sting, you’ll notice a drastic difference in how Sting started off the match, and how he finished it. Reddit, to their credit (creddit?), is pretty good at sniffing things out, and has offered up the video above as the spot that potentially injured the 56-year-old veteran.

Supposedly, if you turn your speakers way up, you can hear Seth saying “That was on me” after staggering Sting with the buckle bomb. Now, I honestly just hear mumbles, but people with significantly better sound on their computers than me have also suggested that he’s saying “I got you, duck my clothesline.” Others have suggested that he said “clothesline me,” and/or “duck my lariat” and/or “suck my kiss” and/or “ducks love bread.”

Okay, maybe not the last two.

Either way, WWE’s gotta turn that damn ring mic down so we can stop hearing everything Seth Rollins is saying, even if he’s much better at avoiding audibles than John Cena is.

On the heels of ‘career-ending injury’ rumours, confirmed that Sting is injured, kind of:

Sting reportedly sustained an injury Sunday night during his WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against champion Seth Rollins. Check back with for more details and updates on Sting’s condition following Night of Champions.

Whoa, whoa, slow down, guys. That’s a lot of information to take in at once. The source and extent of Sting’s injuries remain to be seen, but until then, we’re all just gonna wildly speculate. My hot take? Ducks really do love bread. More on this story as it develops.