Sexy Star Was Punished By AAA For Her Recent Actions

Sexy Star, a once-popular women’s wrestler in Mexico and Lucha Underground, isn’t so popular anymore. In fact, she has become one of the most hated figures in the pro wrestling business after her disgraceful act at AAA’s TripleMania XXV event two weeks ago. You may recall the story of Sexy Star applying an armbar on Rosemary, who is best known from GFW/TNA, and she held on to the hold so much that it ended up turning into a shoot. Sexy Star legitimately tried to hurt Rosemary, which is a big no-no in the wrestling business. It led to dozens of wrestlers and hundreds of wrestlers ripping on Sexy Star for her actions.

Since then, Sexy Star released a statement last week where she didn’t seem that apologetic about it and questioned if Rosemary was even injured. A few days ago, Sexy Star posted a longer statement about what happened at TripleMania and claimed that Rosemary lied about what happened.

Earlier this week, AAA sent out a couple of tweets informing fans of their plans for the Reina de Reinas, which is the company’s Women’s Championship.

The first tweet let us know that the title is now vacant. The second tweet listed the names of the women competing for the Reina de Reinas Championship.

Those actions by AAA likely meant that they don’t believe Sexy Star’s claims that Rosemary is lying about being injured. The company is likely embarrassed by what happened and if they were to back Sexy Star it would hurt their standing in the wrestling business. Wrestlers would be reluctant to work with them if they supported her. It also could mean that Sexy Star may have a tough time working for AAA or any promotion again because of her actions at TripleMania.

It’s also expected that GFW will mention this story on Impact Wrestling this week. They’ve released a teaser video about it.