Young Shane McMahon Used To Dream Of Being Andre The Giant’s Tag Team Partner

Back in February, Shane McMahon made his shocking return to WWE after a six-year absence. The prodigal son would go on to give us an unforgettable match at WrestleMania 32, some sassy back and forths with his sister and father, and then eventually became the commissioner of Smackdown Live. As he revealed on the Cheap Heat podcast, before all of that — heck, even before he was being slammed through glass walls and jumping off of anything that would scare the pants off of you — Shane had much bigger dreams in mind for his wrestling career. Literally:

I knew Andre going back to… Worcester [Memorial] Auditorium. And I’d always tell my dad and my mom I was going to grow up and be Andre’s tag team partner and I’m not going to be small like my father, I’m going to be big like Andre. So that’s how my mom really got me to eat my vegetables and all the food on my plate and everything else for a long time, not having any idea that he was a giant and things wouldn’t be happening that way, but it was a nice dream as a kid.

The idea that the Vince McMahon we know is “small” is incredibly precious. Even more adorable is the idea that Little Shane thought he could grow up to be the size of Andre the Giant via vegetables. I mean, it’s not like he was that unattainable. 7’4, size 22 shoe… Yeah, man. Finishing off all of your broccoli would totally get you there, little man.

Transcription h/t to Wrestling Inc