A Thankful Shane McMahon Addressed The Raw Crowd After His Surprising Return

If you missed the opening of Monday’s WWE Raw, you missed … everything. Vince McMahon tried to present the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy Award to his daughter Stephanie, only to be interrupted by his son SHANE McMahon, returning to WWE for the first time in six years. The situation escalated until Shane O’ Mac was announcing he wanted control of WWE, and Vince was telling him he could have it if he could win one match on one night. The night? WrestleMania. The match? Hell in a Cell against the Undertaker. At WrestleMania. Those are crazy stakes.

The crowd at the Joe Louis Arena greeted Shane McMahon like a returning hero, chanting “holy sh*t,” “this is awesome” and more. During the commercial break, Shane grabbed a microphone and thanked the crowd for the moment, mentioning that he was excited, and that his nipples were hard. That’s a very McMahon way to put it.

Look at the look on his face:

It’s good to have you back, Shane O’ Mac.