Shane McMahon Made A Rare Public Appearance To Support Batista’s New Film

Good ol’ Shane O Mac, son of Vince McMahon and former staple of WWE programming, stepped out of the wrestling spotlight five years ago to pursue his own business ventures. Apparently, jumping off Titantrons and getting suplexed through glass panels isn’t exactly a communications degree put to good use. While we can see Stephanie McMahon each week as part of her role in The Authority, spotting Shane is a whole lot harder.

The elusive McMahon showed up to Monday night’s UK World Premiere of the new James Bond Film Spectre, in which Bautista plays bad-guy henchman Mr. Hinx:

Do you even age, bruh?

Five years ago, Shane became CEO of China Broadband, Inc., investing in the company that provides on-demand and PPV services (YOU on Demand) in China. Shane recently stepped down as CEO, giving that little extra boost to the rumors that crop up that at any time he’s going to make his triumphant return to television, and the family wrestling business. Unlike the rest of his family, you’re hard-pressed to find him making many public appearances. Our photo subscriptions have year or two long gaps. He’s rarely in the news, wrestling or otherwise. It’s almost kind of weird to see him out and about, and yet weirder still to realize there’s probably a generation or two of wrestling fans who probably don’t even known McMahon has a son. Oof. Getting old sucks.

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