Man Behind The Money: Shane McMahon Talked To Mick Foley About WrestleMania, Montreal, And Monday Nitro

05.24.16 3 years ago 13 Comments

This month’s post-Raw podcast was noticeably different. With regular host Stone Cold Steve Austin nursing an injured shoulder, Mick Foley stepped in to take over hosting duties. Guest of honor Shane McMahon was in the hot seat for some pointed questions about his absence from WWE, and here’s what Vince’s prodigal son had to say.

On growing up as the son of WWE’s man in charge: “Back then, television was shot in three or four-week increments, so my dad was gone a lot. Like any child, all you really want is your father to be there, whether he’s a truck driver or in the military or whatever. So, I missed him. I missed him a lot. It was difficult growing up because he was on the road quite a lot.”

On being around the wrestling business as a child: “It’s just been such a wonderful and invaluable experience. I mean, to see the larger-than-life characters and to literally see the maturation of the business. [It would] go from small little armories like the Fall River Armory… There was one specific time I remember that unfortunately, there was a riot. I remember it was getting so bad that my dad took me and did the only thing he could do, he stuck me under the bleachers. He says, ‘You have to stay here to be safe.’ He put stuff around me, he put one security guy underneath the bleachers with me…”

On Andre the Giant: “I always wanted to be his tag team partner… I always told my dad, ‘Look, I’m going to grow up to be big like Andre and not small like you.'”

On wrestlers who would pull pranks on him as a child: “There was a guy, Baron Mikel Scicluna, he was famous for always smoking a big cigar… those guys would lock me in lockers, blow cigar smoke in there, [Don] Muraco stuffed me in trash cans and kicked me down a few steps.”

On the decision to be an in-ring competitor: “Number one, I’d never gotten to showcase my athletic talent. I wanted to go to college and continue to play football, [but] I had a little knee injury and my dad talked me out of doing that. So, I always had an itch I wanted to scratch.”

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