Rumors About Shawn Michaels Returning For A Match Are Back, And They Might Be Real This Time


Every now and then, someone asks Shawn Michaels about returning for one more match, because in professional wrestling, no one is allowed to stay retired. Michaels always says no and he always gives the same reason, and despite this, he gets asked about it in pretty much every interview. Michaels does return to the WWE ring occasionally, but it’s always to cut a promo and then leave.

This year’s round of HBK rumors, however, might have a little more weight behind them than usual, and he’s even left the door open for a return in recent interviews, just not with a current star. According to Dave Meltzer, there are rumblings that a Michaels return match is in the works for WWE’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia in November for an ethically-questionable event.

“The working idea internally right now is that Michaels is coming out of retirement,” Meltzer said, per SE Scoops. “Right now it is not for a singles match, and it is targeted, if not scheduled, for Saudi Arabia on 11/2.”

Reading the tea leaves, this seems to imply that The Last Ever Match To Ever Happen Ever Between Triple H And The Undertaker We Promise Wait Why Are You Laughing We Say We Promise™ at WWE Super Show-Down in October in Melbourne, Australia won’t actually be the last match to ever happen between Triple H and The Undertaker. Some seeds were planted about a potential Michaels return match against Undertaker on Raw this past week, and anyone wondering why much of the conversation between HBK and Taker centered around their feud and not Taker’s upcoming return against Triple H now seemingly has their answer.

If Michaels does come back, this makes it sound like someone is paying a whole hell of a lot of money for Michaels and Triple H to team up and take on, I don’t know, like The Undertaker and Knox County Mayor Kane or something like that. Whatever. The world keeps on spinning and we are just on it, flying through time and space under the grip of a system in which money can purchase anything, including the ability to make one of the most beautiful moments in WWE history completely moot for, possibly, a joke-y tag team match that no one particularly wants outside of someone(s) in Saudi Arabia with an endless supply of cash.