Another WWE Legend Could Make A Surprise Appearance On Next Week’s Raw

08.28.18 11 months ago


In the buildup to the latest WWE international house show, Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia (which, stunningly WWE had the restraint to not call it the Super Show Down Under), the marquee match announced for the Oct. 6 card is Triple H vs. The Undertaker.

WWE is touting it as the rekindling of one of the company’s all-time great rivalries, and while their WrestleMania 27 and 28 matches were among the highlights of those Manias, it’s highly debatable that their feud would be near the top of either competitor’s list of greatest rivalries. In any case, it’s happening and to hype it up Triple H dropped quite the promo on last week’s Raw about “the era” being back for one night at least, and about the importance of that last match at WrestleMania 28.

The special guest referee in that match was Shawn Michaels, whose rivalry with the Undertaker was actually as big as they’re making H’s out to be. This coming Monday, Michaels will make a special appearance on Raw to discuss his thoughts on the match, and probably do some good ol’ fashioned crotch chopping with is old buddy Trips.

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