Sheamus Called Out Justin Bieber In Dubai And Yes, That’s A Real Headline

Sheamus has been attached to a lot of odd pop culture stories this year. Remember that rumor about him playing Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode VII? We thought that’d be the dumbest Sheamus story, but here’s a strong contender: he wants to fight Justin Bieber.

The WWE United States Champion (yes, he’s still United States Champion) (no, I don’t know how) gave an interview to Emirates 24/7 in the UAE while in Dubai doing promotional work and called out the singer. At least he’s throwing out the challenge on neutral ground.

One celebrity he would love to fight in the ring?

With a chuckle, he answered, “That’s easy: Justin Bieber! I gave him an award last time and that picture comes back to haunt me all the time, it’s the way he carries himself around – he’s just a big muppet, even if he’s 4 foot 2 he still needs to be taken down!”

We’re not sure this is the best decision. Sure, Bieber looks like that, but he’s got a lot of rage inside of him. He’s fighting people in a Dave & Buster’s and keeps getting arrested for assault. Maybe Sheamus should’ve picked Harry Styles? He seems harmless.

Like our friends over at BroBible (pronounced “Brobible,” like “probable”), we’re siding with Bieber on this one. Their rationale is that The Biebs is low-hanging fruit, and that a David vs. Goliath story would be the best booking. Our rationale? F*ck Sheamus.

He’s telling the truth, though. He knows how to handle a Muppet. Canonically he is one.