WWE’s Sheamus, Rusev, And Sasha Banks Took A Visit To Manchester City’s Practice Facility

WWE is enjoying their yearly trip across the pond this week as Raw was taped in London on Monday night and SmackDown will tape in Manchester on Tuesday.

Before they got in the ring on Tuesday, WWE stars Sheamus, Rusev, and Sasha Banks decided to make a trip over to visit the practice facility of English Premier League team, Manchester City, where they were greeted with customized jerseys despite the fact that Sheamus is totally a Liverpool fan.

Manchester City also let Sheamus and Rusev take temporary control of their official Twitter account, which went about how you would expect. (I really hope Rusev yells Machka!! before he does regular everyday tasks.)

The pair even utilized the face swap tool with terrifying results.

Sheamus was also allowed to step in and try his hand as a goalie for a penalty kick against Manchester City W.F.C. keeper Karen Bardsley, and it did not go so well for the former WWE champion.

Allowing a goal to a professional soccer player is one thing, but letting a rookie like Sasha Banks easily score on you is much more embarrassing.

No wonder Ireland hasn’t made a World Cup since 2002.