Sheamus Reunited With The Boy Band Singer He Turned Away From A Nightclub

Another year, another WWE tour of the British Isles. Unfortunately, the majority of news coming out of the tour has arrived in the form of depressing updates about Seth Rollins’ knee, so let’s turn our attention to something lighter.

During the brief stop in Ireland, Money in the Bank holder Sheamus got the chance to do some media, which led to an interesting anecdote from his past. Before his time as a wrestler, The Celtic Warrior worked security at a nightclub. As fate would have it, this led to an encounter with one of the biggest Irish celebrities of the day: Nicky Byrne, former member of the boy band Westlife. So, naturally, Sheamus leapt at the chance to once again cross paths with Byrne, this time on his own RTÉ 2FM radio show. The whole conversation is worth a listen and can be found here (but only for a few days!), just look for the November 4 link.

Here’s what Sheamus had to say about turning Byrne away.

“I’m standing there, obviously not being a connoisseur of boy bands at the time… He wasn’t 21, I’d never seen the fella before. All of a sudden [your girlfriend] starts losing the plot. ‘Do you know who he is? It’s Nicky Byrne from Westlife!’ I was like, ‘I don’t know Westlife, love. I’m sorry.'”

There we go, I now know two things about Westlife. They were a Simon Cowell project, and one of the members tried to get past Sheamus at a 21-and-up nightclub. Between the Westlife banter and the occasional Father Ted reference on Twitter, Sheamus is really at his best when he’s letting his Irish flag fly.