Shinsuke Nakamura Has Responded To Daniel Bryan’s Request For A Match

I don’t know about you, but I’m a pretty dang big fan of the “give no f*cks” version of Daniel Bryan we’ve gotten over the past year or so. Ever since being installed as the general manager of Smackdown Live GM, Bryan has been a lot looser with his lips regarding his potential future as a professional wrestler.

He went on SportsCenter a year ago and questioned the results of the concussion test that is keeping him out of a WWE ring; he told Sports Illustrated earlier this summer that he’s working on an in-ring return; and earlier this week, he held a lengthy Q&A session on Twitter, in which he flat-out said he wants to wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura in a WWE ring.

Now, the King Of Strong Style has responded, as only he can. Nakamura hopped on Twitter earlier today to issue a simple, two-word response:

Am I the only person singing the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ “Someday I Suppose” in my head right now? (Probably.)

Given WWE’s extreme reticence to clearing Daniel Bryan for in-ring competition — and how Shinsuke Nakamura kinda sorta almost broke John Cena’s neck last month — this seems like an unlikely matchup in a WWE ring. And seeing as how Nak’s star is on the rise in WWE, even if Bryan chooses not to re-sign once his contract is up, the likelihood of Nak also being willing to walk just so the pair can have a match in NJPW or somewhere else seems slim.

But man, we live in a world where a member of 3MB holds the most prestigious championship title in all of professional wrestling history. I guess anything can happen.