Here’s An Update On Sin Cara, Who Broke Himself Again On Raw

Sin Cara’s not the luckiest wrestler in the world. If you missed last week’s SuperSmackDown LIVE, you missed him diving face-first into the ground. If you missed Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, you missed him dislocating his shoulder.

An update, via Twitter:

The incident happens at the :55 mark in this clip. Big E goes to the outside, so Sin Cara attempts a dive. He flips over the ropes and lands on the apron, so Big E grabs him by the legs and trips him up. Sin Cara goes shoulder-first into the floor, and has to lie there pointing at himself while The New Day celebrates on trombone.

Sin Cara finishes the match, to his credit, but you can also kinda see him repeatedly making the injury worse as he goes. The most dangerous moment happens at the 2:05 mark, when Sin dives off the second rope with 290-pound Big E on his shoulders. Still, it was a gutsy effort, and certainly a step above the O.G. Sin Cara, who once hurt his finger and was unable to continue.

It’s been a bad year for WWE shoulders. Shoulder injuries have sidelined everyone from Hideo Itami to Cesaro and Randy Orton. Best wishes to Sin Cara for a speedy recovery, and for everyone else getting the hell out of 2015 in one piece.