Randy Orton’s Quest To Murder The Singh Brothers Continued At WWE Battleground

Randy Orton has been on a one-man mission to absolutely end the lives of Jinder Mahal’s lackeys, the Singh Brothers, for a while now. He very nearly killed one of them a couple of pay-per-views ago, and now his inability to calculate for the weightlessness of the Singhs has finally come into play in an INTENTIONAL insane bump.

During the main event of Sunday night’s Battleground PPV, Randy Orton was embroiled in a Punjabi Prison match against Mahal (and the Singh Brothers) and was attempting to scale the outer cage (it’s a long story) to win yet another WWE Championship. But after one of the Singh Brothers proved small enough to fit THROUGH the openings in the fence, he met Orton at the top of the cage … and then this happened:

And if you prefer to watch that terrifying fall in GIF form for all eternity, here you go:

Rest in peace, Singh Brother. We will remember the good times, like when you were alive, and those times you said “Maharaja.” This fall may not rank among Mick Foley’s falls, or any of Shane McMahon’s, but it was still great, and the Singh Brothers die real good, always.

But uh … maybe you should keep the Singhs and Randy Orton in separate rooms from now on? It might be best for the safety of all involved. Especially the Singh Brothers.