Did This Casino Just Spoil The Upcoming WWE Brand Split?

As we all know by now, WWE is going back to the days of the brand split, and both Raw and SmackDown will have their own clearly defined rosters. They’ve already got their General Manager situation figured out, they just need to figure out which WWE Superstars will go where. But wait a second — did this Connecticut casino just scoop everyone?

Mohegan Sun, located in Uncasville, Connecticut, is already advertising specific WWE Superstars for an upcoming SmackDown live event in August. The brand split will be official before then, so it’s a pretty good assumption that WWE is moving forward with their currently tentative roster ideas:

Included in the advertising are Superstars AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, The New Day, Paige, Naomi, and our much-beloved Cesaro and Sami Zayn. This is a pretty safe list to send out to venues at this point, as it’s just enough to draw in fans, but leaves plenty of time to add in the bigger brand split main event question marks like John Cena, Seth Rollins, and current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Of course, WWE isn’t known for sticking to their best laid plans, so anything can happen between now and the official split in July. Either way, with a list like this, it looks like I’m going to become a solid member of The Blue Team.