This Is What It’s Like To Go Sneaker Shopping With Shane McMahon

The wrestling world was shocked in the best possible way earlier this year when Shane McMahon himself returned to WWE after a near-decade away from the business. But after the initial excitement of seeing Shane O’Mac in the flesh wore off, a subset of people got even more stoked once they noticed that week after week, McMahon was rolling out to ring in some vintage Nike kicks. It turns out the boss’ son is a bit of a sneakerhead, as this new video interview strongly reinforces.

As Shane browses the absolutely insane selection of rare shoes at Flight Club in New York City, he shows off his deep knowledge of Air Jordans and reveals that Vince McMahon doesn’t care for the flashier sneakers of today, preferring to stick with the tried-and-true Stan Smiths. And while he eventually racks up a near-$900 bill off of four pairs of Jordans (the most expensive of which, 2014’s 1 Retro High, retails for $250), the total could’ve been a whole lot higher, as he briefly eyes up a pair of Eminem Nikes that cost $30,000.

The absolute best part, however, is when Shane has to lie through his teeth and say he’d happily wear John Cena‘s Kmart-brand sneakers if Cena asked him. The second-best part? When Shane politely throws shade at Kanye West’s new line of top-dollar Nikes, saying he likes his music and that’s it.