Somebody Catcall My Momma: Was Thea Vidale Sexually Harassed During Her Time In WWE?

Sometimes (read: most of the time) “wrestling news” is just unfounded rumor and hearsay. Sometimes it’s just a guy at a place like E Wrestling News running an e-fed with his newsfeed and having it catch on. This story doesn’t come with a lot of sourcing, but the chance for a nostalgic conversation about 2006 WWE is too great, so take it with a grain of salt.

According to “an interview with Neal Morgan,” former WWE performer Thea Vidale is claiming she was driven out of the company due to constant sexual harassment. You’d remember her as “Shelton Benjamin’s Momma,” a character who briefly managed her storyline son before being let go. Sometimes she’d attack people with pins. Sharp ones, not lateral presses. You may also remember her as a successful non-WWE actress, starring in her own network sitcom ‘Thea’ in 1993 and appearing in shows like ‘Ugly Betty’ and ‘My Wife & Kids.’

Here’s what she reportedly had to say about WWE being an awful place to work:

“I genuinely hated that place. While I was there I was sexually harassed everyday by a perverted middle aged man that didn’t understand what no meant.”

“It was disgusting, I’ll never forget the day he came into my changing area with his private parts hanging out of his pants. I made up my mind at that point I was done with that company.”

We can’t tell you if it’s true or not, but there’s a lot of (kayfabe) evidence.

And here’s a music video built around Viscera trying to hump her at catering.

So, you know.