The Southpaw Regional Wrestling Family Is About To Get Bigger

06.29.17 10 months ago 7 Comments


The best thing that has happened in the entire universe of professional wrestling in the year 2017 is Southpaw Regional Wrestling. It’s not even up for debate. The largely improvised, spectacular love letter to the days of the territories was lovingly crafted, sublimely acted, and far, far too short. Well, not only does it look like Lance Catamaran and company will be returning, but a whole bevy of other WWE stars are looking to get in on that sweet, sweet action.

PWInsider reports that the crack team behind Southpaw is already hard at work producing some more episodes of Southpaw. Yes, the report says that footage for new episodes has already been taped. And if that weren’t enough (it is), this time around, the cast will be joined by a group of newcomers, including, but not limited to, Seth Rollins, The New Day (!) and Rhyno (!!!).

Cross your fingers for more Surf Dudes with Attitudes, more of the continuing downward spiral of Chett Chetterfield, and much, much more of Rusev as Big Bartholomew, the only hero America has ever deserved.

If for some reason you’ve never laid eyes on Southpaw … what the heck are you doing on THIS website? But in the off chance — or maybe if it’s just been a week or two since you’ve watched it last — go ahead and revisit the first “episode” below. It’s a fine way to start your Fourth of July weekend just a little bit early. And you’re welcome.

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