‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Star Stephanie Beatriz Is Feuding With WWE’s Lana Over Traffic Photo Shoots

Pro Wrestling Editor


Over the weekend, actress Stephanie Beatriz — aka Rosa Diaz from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ who I’d call one of my favorite characters on that show if every character on that show wasn’t “my favorite character from that show” — posted to social media about a random blonde holding up traffic by doing a photo shoot in the middle of the street in Los Angeles.

As you guessed from the headline, or from having watched enough pro wrestling to recognize the back of these people’s heads, that mid-traffic model turned out to be WWE’s ‘Ravishing Russian’ Lana.

Also as you might’ve imagined, Lana immediately fired back on social media, and now I’m pleased to share that a WWE Superstar is Twitter beefing with someone from the Nine-Nine. We’re one step closer to Rusev feuding with Nikolaj.

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