Stephanie McMahon Would Like CM Punk And AJ Lee Back In WWE, Because Of Course She Would

Ever since CM Punk joined FS1’s WWE Backstage, people are even more determined to fantasy book his return to the WWE ring, even though he’s said again and again that he has no interest in wrestling again. Punk’s wife AJ Lee was also a popular WWE Superstar (although of course they called her a Diva at the time) and doesn’t seem to have any interest in returning either. WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, on the other hand, would understandably love to see them both back with the company.

Metro UK asked Steph about the pair, and she had this to say:

I personally enjoy watching both of them perform. I think Punk’s been pretty vocal that he’s not interested in an in-ring return right now, but for sure, that would be interesting. And I would love to see AJ Lee back in the women’s division.

She went on with more praise for AJ and her place in the “women’s r/evolution.”

I think AJ Lee was an incredibly compelling character. Some of our most interesting and intriguing storylines were with AJ, and I think she deserves as much credit as every other woman on our roster.

Nobody should be overlooked, and that’s not the goal to overlook anybody’s name. Every single person is a huge reason for why this happened. You know, I’m a big fan of AJ Lee’s, I really am. I think our women’s roster has never been deeper, especially when you factor in NXT in addition to RAW and SmackDown, and I think there’s always an opportunity to focus on the depth of that roster and to give everyone the chance that they deserve.

It seems unlikely that Punk or Lee either one will be back in the ring anytime soon, but there’s another woman who Steph seems a lot more certain about: Ronda Rousey. Asked by Ben Wignall if Rousey’s coming back to WWE, Steph was certain about everything except the timeframe.

Ronda has been pretty clear recently that she’s more focused on family than wrestling, but if Steph says it will happen, that makes it seem a lot more likely. And if she’s actually sure, you have to think that a timeline has at least been discussed. The Third Women’s Royal Rumble Match is coming up next month, after all.