Stephanie McMahon Is Totally Down To Wrestle Another Match

Stephanie McMahon has been off television since WrestleMania 33, due to storyline injuries she sustained going through a table. (Or perhaps ’tis shame keeping her away. Shame and hubris.) But the former WWF Women’s Champion has rarely wrestled in the past decade, with her most recent match happening at SummerSlam 2014.

To put into perspective how long ago 2014 was in wrestling years, Stephanie’s match was against Brie Bella, who then appeared to be the breakout star of the Bella Twins. And Nikki Bella turned on Brie to cost her the match and let Stephanie win. Remember when both Bellas were wrestling, and that Nikki turned heel? Remember “I wish you had died in the womb?” Yeah.

Anyway, my basic point is that Stephanie hasn’t wrestled in a long-ass time. But would she ever lace ’em up again? If it was in service of the right storyline, absolutely. As she explained to The Mirror:

“I absolutely love the in-ring performance aspect to what we do. It’s such an honour to be able to get in there with some of those performers and actually take bumps or tell a story of the match. I’m not necessarily the best but I do love to get in there, so if there’s ever an opportunity again to do that and to help make somebody else then I would absolutely welcome it.”

The one genetic trait that all McMahons share is the ability to gladly wrestle any match at any time if it makes sense, storyline-wise. Heck, even when it doesn’t! Maybe next year AJ Styles can complete the set and wrestle Stephanie to a three-star-plus match as well.

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