Stephen Amell Is Trying To Get The Entire Bullet Club On ‘Arrow’

Arrow star Stephen Amell’s relationship with WWE (and more specifically Cody Rhodes) is well documented. Rhodes is a huge fan of Arrow — both the TV show and the comics behind it — and over the course of the last few years, Rhodes has had the luxury of appearing in a couple of episodes of Arrow in a recurring role as a villain named Derek Sampson.

Rhodes and Amell’s relationship works both ways, with Amell, a big WWE fan, appearing on a few episodes of Raw before actually having a match with Rhodes at SummerSlam back in 2015. Amell teamed up with Neville to take on Rhodes, then Stardust, and Wade Barrett. While Amell wasn’t Shawn Michaels out there, he wasn’t terrible, and it was probably one of the better celebrity matchups WWE has ever booked.

Times have since changed. Amell is still starring in Arrow, but Rhodes left WWE, joined the Bullet Club, and is now exclusive to both Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling. But don’t think that just because Rhodes isn’t associated with WWE anymore, that Amell isn’t interested in keeping Rhodes on Arrow. Amell loves Rhodes’ work, and is actively campaigning to get his new friends on the show, too.

At the Heroes And Villains Fan Fest in Atlanta, Amell was asked about his relationship with Rhodes. Amell revealed that if they have Cody back on Arrow, he would definitely “be surrounded by his Bullet Club friends.”

“I’m trying to get those guys to come out to one of these shows, as a group, I think that would be amazing. Those guys are great. Matt and Nick and Kenny and Cody being the main guys I’ve been able to hang out with. I appreciate anyone that does something in an entreprenurial spirit. Those guys are really paving their own way. I mean, we would decimate them in one episode. They would be the group that we would foil in act one, and then figure out what the real problem was. If Sampson was to come back on the show, it would only make sense that he would be surrounded by his group of Bullet Club friends.”

The Bullet Club on Arrow? You can go ahead and sign us up for all of that. I can’t think of better nondescript henchmen for Derek Sampson.