Stephen Amell Shot Down Rumors That He’ll Wrestle At WWE SummerSlam

Shot down? Get it? Because he stars in The CW’s Arrow? Eh?

It was recently reported by Hollywood Life that actor Stephen Amell and WWE’s Stardust would take their feud off Twitter and into the ring. Amell had already showed up to Monday Night Raw to confront the wrestler who insists that Amell isn’t really an actor, but indeed his on-screen Arrow persona:

Welp, it seems like the “online exclusive” reporting that Amell would get his very own match at the biggest pay-per-view of the summer wasn’t quite as true as you think it would be:

Amell refers to Stardust as Cody, leaving plenty room for interpretation (Stardust is the alter ego of wrestler Cody Rhodes). Stardust says he doesn’t want Stephen, presumably meaning that he wants to wrestle his “true” Arrow identity.

Realistically, this leaves loads of room for an Arrow-Stardust match, and have you ever known WWE to turn away free publicity from celebrities? I mean, remember when Charlie Sheen was a guest host on Raw to promote Anger Management? If you don’t, color me jealous because woof that was rough. Either way, if this is leading up to a superhero promo match with a non-wrestler getting in the ring with a pro for the sake of mutual self-promotion, we’re pretty much guaranteed to hear about it non-stop as the August show approaches.