Stephen Amell And WWE’s Stardust Are Pausing Their Feud To Help A Little Boy With Cancer

Arrow star Stephen Amell and WWE’s Stardust are putting aside their differences for the best reason possible. After two mortal enemies used their powers for good to raise $300,000 for Toronto’s first children’s hospice, they’re again teaming up for a great cause.

In August, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H made a young man named Drax Shadow their newest WWE Superstar. Drax donned the custom gloves given to him by Stardust — his favorite wrestler — as the two celebrated in the ring. Drax Shadow wasn’t just any ordinary new Superstar, however.

Drax, better known as Elijah Mainville, had been suffering from an extremely tough form of pediatric cancer since he was 3. In April 2015, Mainville’s cancer went into remission. Sadly that didn’t last long, and it had returned by July. WWE became aware of Mainville and his struggle when the 8-year-old submitted a video for the WWE Network reality show Tough Enough. While he obviously didn’t make it onto the show, Triple H had already seen enough to offer him a contract as an honorary WWE Superstar.

Now, Amell and Stardust are looking to raise money to help pay for the treatments Mainville has been enduring for most of his young life:

I met Elijah on Aug. 3. I was prepared to be delicate; concerned over his five-year battle with cancer. I imagined he might be sick or weak. I was a fool. His will and his energy were unparalleled in the SAP Center that evening. I have stood in the presence of the Phenom, the Undertaker, or across the ring from Triple-H, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt a warmth or force quite like DRAX SHADOW. I was told he was my “biggest fan”… I left the arena that night his biggest fan. And that hasn’t changed.

He’s spent most of his life undergoing chemo, radiation, surgery and more chemo. In April he was told the cancer was in remission. It returned in July. Let’s help him and his family. – Stardust

You can purchase the shirt here, and learn more about Drax Shadow at his GoFundMe page.