Watch Stephen Amell Take To The Sky In His WWE Debut

We’ve been keeping tabs on Arrow and soon-to-be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 star Stephen Amell’s transition from actor to WWE superstar, from his quest to guest host Raw, repeatedly teasing an appearance and ultimately jumping into a WWE Raw ring to attack the cosmic villain Stardust.

Amell’s been in training since then, prepping for a SummerSlam tag team match and prepping all his Arrow essentials. The time to put up or shut up was on Sunday, as he finally stepped into the ring against Stardust and King Barrett. Before long, he climbed up the ropes and straight-up jumped to the outside.

No, seriously:

That dive allowed Neville to head up top himself and connect with a Red Arrow — no relation — on Barrett for the win. That makes Stephen Amell 1-0 at SummerSlam and undefeated in his WWE career. Will this lead to a one-on-one match between Amell and Stardust in the future? WWE booking says so, especially since neither was involved in the finish. Plus, Amell looked as good in the ring as a celebrity guest star can be expected to. What do we say? Arrow vs. Stardust II at WrestleMania 32?

(Say what you want, but at least it’d get a Rhodes on the Mania card.)