Stephen Colbert Gets Some Help To Address WWE Trademarking ‘3:16’ From The Bible

08.05.17 8 months ago 5 Comments

If you wanna see Jesus Christ whup Stone Cold Steve Austin‘s ass, give Stephen Colbert a “hell yeah.” Or a Hail Mary, maybe? Either way, aside from Okada vs Omega, this might be the most exciting (would-be) wrestling feud out there.

On Friday’s edition of the Late Show,, Colbert addressed the surreal (and very real) development of World Wrestling Entertainment successfully obtaining the trademark for the biblically-inspired “3:16.” Steve Austin’s legendary coining of “Austin 3:16” at King of the Ring put 3:16 into the wrestling lexicon and as is the WWE’s custom they’ve snapped up the rights. For those unfamiliar, here’s a refresher.

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