Even The Rock Would Pick Steve Austin Over Him In A Fight

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08.14.17 2 Comments


There’s little argument that The Rock isn’t the most successful professional wrestler of all time, but the debate will forever rage on about who holds the claim of being the biggest professional wrestler of all time. Rock, Hulk Hogan, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin all have pretty legitimate claims to that title, at least as far as the modern era is concerned. (Let’s not get into arguments about Frank Gotch or Gorgeous George or Verne Gagne or Bruno Sammartino, please. At least not right this instant.)

At any rate, all fans have their favorites, and all fans likely have an opinion on who they think is the biggest pro wrestler in history. You’ll rarely get into any conversation about pro wrestling without someone debating something or other. That’s what makes this fun! Probably. This weekend, FanSided sent out a tweet asking fans whether they thought Austin or Rock trumped the other. (Either in terms of popularity or who would win in a fight. The wording was nebulous, but that allowed for extrapolation. The best kind of question.)

Of course, when they sent that tweet, they probably weren’t expecting both parties to end up responding.

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