Sting Wants To Compete In A WWE Ring, And That Contract’s Coming Sooner Rather Than Later

Sting is going to be in a WWE ring soon.

I can’t source that anywhere, but it’s happening. A month ago and forever before that, Sting coming into WWE to compete (and face the Undertaker, or whatever) was fantasy booking. A few weeks ago it became a reality, but only in video games. Then, a Sting t-shirt popped up on WWE Shopzone. Then the San Diego Comic-Con happened, a Sting action figure was announced and Sting was there, standing between Daniel Bryan and Hulk Hogan.

Now WWE’s YouTube channel has posted an exclusive interview with Sting where he discusses his positive relationship with the company, how he wishes the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak had lasted long enough for him to take a crack at it, and the inevitability of him having to do this now if it’s ever gonna happen.

He ends it with “each and every one of you.” THIS IS HAPPENING.

As an added bonus, WWE Fan Nation is currently uploading full matches from Sting’s career right now including ones against Vader, The Great Muta and Meng. Judging by those names they might be uploading them specifically for me.