Sting Says His WrestleMania 31 Match Could Be His Last

According to an interview with AP, tomorrow’s WrestleMania match against Triple H could be Sting’s last. Though he didn’t get to go out against Undertaker like he wanted – he called it his “big dream match” – the wrestling legend says it could finally be time to step out of the ring:

“I’m feeling like this is probably going to be my last one,” Sting said. “We’ll see how everyone reacts. If I’m asked to do one more at Survivor Series or maybe even WrestleMania next year, at this point, I would consider it. But realistically, this is going to be my last one.”

Even if Ric Flair is the only one who remembers that Sting has been wrestling outside of WCW and WWE for a long time, and my personal brain canon insists he’d doing this because he was so deeply destroyed by Ethan Carter III, Sting wrestling this match after decades of purposely avoiding working for WWE is still a huge deal. So how does he feel about going out with the company that in the end dominated everywhere else he’s worked?

“It was now or never, that was really it,” he said. “With hindsight, after rubbing shoulders with the WWE and all the different departments, it’s like, ‘Wow, man, I should have done this a long time ago.'”

“Maybe I was wrong all those years ago,” Sting said. “But it’s been a great experience for me and I’m glad I’m here.”