Stone Cold Steve Austin Thinks The Future Is Bright For These Three WWE Superstars

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WWE Hall of Famer and probable WrestleMania 32 guest star Stone Cold Steve Austin has an opinion on pretty much everything. Titus O’Neil? He deserved it. The Wyatt Family? Booked like a garbage fire. Stone Cold returning to the ring? Why would anyone want that?

He does have positive opinions from time to time, though, including conversations on a recent edition of The Steve Austin Show that revealed which WWE Superstars he thinks have the brightest futures.

Up first: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. How you doin’.

“Enzo has a ton of energy and is very charismatic. Big Cass, talk about a guy that is 7-foot there. And I like what Enzo says. He’s talking about, ‘You can’t teach that’ and that’s a great catchphrase and it happens to be true. This kid’s 7-foot, good looking kid, and pretty damn athletic. A real bright future for both of these guys, but, in particular, when you look at Big Cass, there is no ceiling for this guy if he keeps catching on like he has.”

That’s good news for any Realest Guys In The Room fans who feel like they’ve been overshadowed and de-prioritized by the rise of American Alpha. They stole the show at WWE Roadblock, and now they’ve got one of the company’s most influential voices singing their praises. You’re gonna have way more than zero dimes soon, Enzo.

Austin also had nice words for Dean Ambrose, who spent most of February and March proving he belongs at the top of WWE cards.

“I think he shined so much as a wrestler, as a performer, that this match got him over more in my eyes than he was before this match and I liked Dean Ambrose to begin with … This match elevated Dean Ambrose. Dude, someone who books can argue that point with me, but I stand by the fact that someone had to get beat and the right guy got beat and he got beat in the right way and it’s going to make him stronger and that kid’s got a great future. He did before this match, he really does now. He went out there on a big stage with a top guy and threw down.”

What do you think? Will Ambrose ever be The Man? Will Enzo and Big Cass thrive on the main roster?

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