Summer Rae Tries To Stab Miz In The Face In The First ‘The Marine 4: Moving Target’ Trailer

Well folks, it’s been an excruciating wait, but the first trailer for The Marine 4: Moving Target has finally arrived. The movie stars WWE’s two most hard-bitten, badass superstars, The Miz and Summer Rae, as knife-wielding, Rambo-esque killers. That may sound like terrible casting, but I’m pretty sure this movie is supposed to be a parody. I mean, it has to be. Right?

“American hero Jake Carter (The Miz) is assigned to protect a “high-value package,” a beautiful whistleblower trying to expose a corrupt military defense contractor. But a heavily armed team of mercenaries has been hired to kill her, along with anyone who gets in their way, and it’s going to take a fearless one-man fighting machine to stop them.”

Surprisingly, Summer Rae will be playing one of the mercenaries instead of the beautiful whistleblower. If Summer runs that band of mercenaries the way she ran the BFFs, Miz might be in trouble. Or at least he will be until Summer’s called away to appear in a higher-profile dance movie.

Anyway, make sure to watch The Marine 4 so we can get The Marine 5 with even more hilarious miscasting. I’m thinking Curtis Axel as a former internationally renowned male model turned Bond-esque super spy and Bayley as a psychotic South American drug lord.