Sunny Used The N-Word On Twitter And It Only Got Worse From There

I’m about to show you something. But before I do, let’s go over some ground rules.

You’re free to your own opinions on life, but the following responses put you firmly in the “wrong” category:

1. If you say “well, it IS just a word.”
2. “Hey, why CAN’T white people use the word if black people can…?”
3. Sunny can’t be racist. She managed Farooq!

Okay. Now that we’ve got that out the way. Behold, the denouement to Tammy Sytch’s life meltdown.

sunny n word

sunny n word 2

sunny n word 3

sunny n word 4

sunny n word 5

So, Sunny affectionately calls her friend her “n*gga” live on Twitter for millions to see and decided to react by calling everyone pussies and retweeting the couple of ignorant black guys who agree with her. Then she went full “racism is over.”


Look. I get that Sunny has come on tough times and she’s having some sort of breakdown, but that’s not going to excuse being so blatantly racist and insensitive. I would suggest WWE remove her from the Hall of Fame and give her the Full Bollea, but I’m pretty sure Vince McMahon thought Sunny died years ago. She’s since deleted the tweets, so maybe she understands she’s wrong here. Whatever the case, let’s just stop paying her any attention and go about our lives.