Sunny Wants To Make An Adult Film With Chyna Now

As recently as two weeks ago, WWE Hall of Famer and “original Diva” Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was denying that she’d signed with Vivid Entertainment to make adult films. Now she’s not only a full-fledged adult film star, she’s calling her next project. As you might’ve grasped from the headline, she wants that next project to involve Chyna.

The wordsmiths at TMZ are describing it as Tammy challenging Chyna to a “sex match,” which sounds like it should be a completely different thing. Her comments make it sound like she’s reading a wrestling promo from a fortune cookie:

“Without a doubt she can kick my ass in the wrestling ring, but I really don’t think she stands a chance against me where it matters most. In the bedroom.”

No word on whether or not the film will actually happen, but Chyna’s recently upped her WWE apology game, so it doesn’t seem probable. Plus, Chyna turned her sex tape into a formal career in the adult industry, including a turn as She-Hulk in an Avengers parody and a Royal Rumble-themed film where she gets it on with a guy dressed like Mean Gene Okerlund. Would this be a step back? I don’t know how pornography works.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops, and apologize in advance.

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