The Director Of ‘Swerved’ Shared A Perfect Story About Vince McMahon Demanding Poop Pranks

It’s been pretty well documented throughout the decades that Vince McMahon’s sense of humor sits squarely on the sophomoric side of the fence. (I mean, this is a man who got his jollies by shoving unsuspecting people into his backyard pool and enjoys any and all comparisons of testicles to fruit. If that doesn’t scream “fifth grade humor,” I’m not sure what does.) But this new story is too good not to share.

Ben Pluimer, co-executive producer and director of the WWE Network series Swerved, recently hosted a Reddit AMA. Among some of the juicier tidbits revealed: Seth Rollins apparently hates marshmallow Peeps, Paige came up with her “blind date” prank on her own and there was a “do not swerve” list (though he wouldn’t name names). But most importantly, Pluimer told an amazing story about Vince McMahon’s predilection for poo-poo regarding a gag in the very first episode of Swerved, which you can watch below.

“Vince ‘wrote’ the red carpet poo mic prank from season one. He essentially demanded that it happen. So we did. Other than that, he has (or his office) approve almost everything we shoot.”

“When he would even think of the prank before we shot it, apparently he would burst into fits of laughter. Unable to talk. He also demanded we get real dog poo…no fake stuff. So a PA had to go to the dog park to follow around a german shepherd and pick up his crap.”

Never change, Vince. Even when your grapefruits turn into prunes or whatever, never change.