Watch This Bills Fan RKO His Friend Because It’s Still Less Painful Than Being A Bills Fan

It’s probably a good thing all of these people are friends, because if local Buffalo television has taught me anything, it’s that a) everything is always on fire, b) I can sell my gold for $$CASH$$, and c) there are literally a million personal injury attorneys waiting for my call right now.

Because people just won’t stop RKO-ing each other for real in real life, these tailgating Buffalo Bills fans thought it would be a great idea to interrupt that banger of a dance off by RKO-ing some dude from the back of a pick up truck onto a folding table. They’re not going to be ‘calling 8’ anytime soon (local jokez!), but hey, they’re Bills fans and presumably live in Western New York. They’ve gotta find joy in something.

The recipient of the RKO seems totally fine, even after taking the world’s worst F-5 through what appears to be the same card table:

Man, they are really getting their $20 out of that purchase.

I guess once the ‘most epic RKO of the summer’ was decided, people needed to get right to work on making sure their tailgate parties were a) epic-er, and b) RKO… ier than the previous season. As a reminder, we don’t encourage non-professionals to wrestling moves to each other because that’s how you get hurt as f*ck, but we do highly encourage you to film all of your viral shenanigans in landscape. It’s just the polite thing to do while you’re potentially murdering your fellow sportsfans.

h/t Deadspin