Take An Emotional Behind-The-Scenes Look At Kevin Owens’ Elimination Chamber Win

For many, Kevin Owens’ victory over John Cena at Elimination Chamber was one of the most important events in a very long time. The feeling of watching someone people have connected to on such a deep level on the independent circuit for so long going over the Superman of corporate wrestling seemed more like a victory for wrestling fans (and even non-WWE wrestling as a whole) than one guy who’s out there to support his family and smash things up in the process.

For people who don’t watch independent wrestling and are seeing Owens for the first time only through a WWE lens, it can be harder to understand why others en masse are so firmly behind him. This video is incredibly smart in that it humanizes Owens, much in the same way the ESPN E:60 documentary did for Xavier Woods or Adam Rose. It presents that deeply felt connection in a way that’s easy for even the most casual fan to understand and believe in.

(Via YouTube)