Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch Responded To Talk That WWE Is Upset At Her With An Epic, Bridge-Burning Rant

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has not been leading a terribly PG-friendly life as of late. There were those rumors she was going to do porn, she openly advertises paid Skype sessions, and has been hit with multiple DUI charges over the past few months. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Wrestling Observer website reported that WWE officials have not been pleased with Sytch’s recent behavior.

Now, most WWE Hall of Famers would likely respond to the news that WWE is angry at them with an apology, or perhaps a quiet attempt to defuse things, but Tammy Sytch doesn’t do things like most people. Instead, she hit Facebook and took a flamethrower to the precarious rope suspension bridge still tying her to WWE…

“The wrestling ‘news sites’ are at it again! Now they are ‘reporting’ that the WWE is unhappy with me due to my current career choices and path. WELL… let me let you all in on a little something… The last time the WWE paid me ANYTHING was in 2012, a check for $1,000, for an interview I did at Axxess during WM weekend. Before that, it was 2011, a check for $5,000, for the HOF weekend that I was inducted. NOTHING since then, not even royalties. They have done NOTHING to help me pay MY BILLS, and have paid me ZERO in three and a half YEARS!! So, I ask you: WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BE CONCERNED WITH WHAT THEIR OPINION IS ON MY CAREER CHOICE, IF THEY ARE NOT CONCERNED IN THE LEAST BIT WITH MY FINANCIAL WELL-BEING AND STABILITY AND ABILITY TO PAY MY LIVING EXPENSES???? So, I should live in a cardboard box just to make the WWE look good??? I THINK NOT. I’m making more money weekly than they used to pay me weekly when I was on the road with them FULL-TIME!!!! SO, until they start paying me weekly, I will continue to do what is best for ME, and no one else. So, for now, THAT IS ALL.

Hey, yeah, I do Skypes. Yeah, I’ve had a couple DUIs. Yeah, I spent some time in rehab and in prison… SO F*CKING WHAT. You all have never done ANYTHING wrong? I’ve made mistakes just like every one else. You move on. I LOVE WHO I AM… and that’s all that matters.”

Well, that’s a lot to digest. I’m not going to judge Sytch for considering doing porn or whatever, but I don’t have much tolerance for people who drive under the influence. Loving who you are doesn’t matter for sh*t when you run a family off the road while drunk and/or high. That said, if WWE hasn’t been paying Tammy’s bills, then she’s totally right to say she doesn’t owe them anything.

So yeah, in summary, birds gotta fly, WWE’s gotta be judgmental, and Sunny’s gotta make bad decisions. And the wrestling world keeps on turning.

via Wrestling Inc.