Emma Attempts To Make Spaghetti Squash Look Edible In The Latest Episode Of ‘Taste of Tenille’

Give WWE’s Emma credit, she’s sticking to her guns with her YouTube cooking show Taste of Tenille (Tenille Dashwood being Emma’s real name). The series kicked off three weeks ago, and already we’re on our third episode. Maybe Emma’s hoping if she spends more time making cooking videos than wrestling, she can get out of getting kicked in the face by Asuka on a technicality. Hey, anything’s worth a shot.

Up until now, Emma has mostly stuck to breakfast, teaching us how to make cheesy egg muffins and French toast PB&Js, but as of episode three, she’s leveled-up enough to tackle dinner. This week she’s making spaghetti and meat sauce! Wait, no, spaghetti squash and meat sauce. Eergh. Don’t let healthy, veggie-types ever convince you that a spaghetti squash is a suitable substitute for real pasta. IT’S A LIE. “Spaghetti squash” is just a name designed to dupe you into eating one of the most vile plants on God’s green earth.

Avert your eyes, dear readers. 

But I suppose I should stop trying to color your perceptions. Maybe you’d like spaghetti squash! Anything’s possible, I guess. This is definitely the best produced episode of Taste of Tenille so far. No weird cuts, less awkwardness, and as much as I appreciated them, ditching the belly shirts was probably something that had to happen eventually. If Emma can master her maniacal face-cracking grin, she’ll be the pro wrestling Giada De Laurentiis in no time.

Okay, I’d try it. I guess. If I get extra dessert. 

What could lie ahead for Taste of Tenille? Baking perhaps? You can do it, Emma. Eye of the tiger.

(Via Taste of Tenille)