Team B.A.D. Went On A Charleston Morning Show To Hype Raw And The Results Were Awkwardly Fantastic

Let’s talk about a few things first: HULU cut out the amazing Team Bad Day segment from Monday’s Raw so RAW is dead to me. The one good thing from a night of crap got cut out. I’m a little perturbed.

Well, God heard my sadness and awarded me with bonus Team B.A.D footage by having them on Charleston’s Low Country Live! show. The host of the show is Tom Crawford and I haven’t seen any of his interviews before but I’m going to assume his little jive accent is a Low Country thing and he does that all the time. Because let’s just go with that. Then he hits this move:

Just let Mr. Crawford be Team B.A.D.’s new manager so he can raise roofs and ask who let dogs out all the time. Unfortunately, Crawford brought up Jimmy Snuka and everyone got all shifty eyed and nervous. And I belly laughed for minutes. Maybe he should do some Googles before bringing these things up.

So yeah, do what Team B.A.D. says and watch Raw even if they’ll only be on for five goddamn minutes and won’t make it to HULU the next morning.

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