Ted DiBiase Was Introduced To WWF Fans By Paying $300 For A Band-Aid At A Hospital

01.18.18 1 year ago 5 Comments

Christian Long

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase is behind some of the most absurd, bizarre promo vignettes in pro wrestling history. They somehow have aged both really, really well (Ted DiBiase’s voice was extremely consistent throughout his career) and really, really poorly (Is … Virgil … a … real … life … slave?).

His Thanksgiving promo holds the title for Best Turkey Day Heel Work, but today — in part, because Jan. 18 is the Million Dollar Man’s 64th birthday — we’re going back in time to dive into the vignette that introduced Ted to television. Lo and behold, here’s Ted DiBiase showing us how rich (and unreasonable) he is by forking over $300 for a Band-Aid at a hospital:

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