Watch Tessa Blanchard’s Impassioned WrestleCade Promo Responding To Sandman

This morning, I wrote about ECW’s Sandman telling a group of women who were main eventing a WrestleCade Supershow that women should never main event wrestling shows. The Twitter posts about that story mentioned that Tessa Blanchard had responded verbally at the time, and I lamented not getting to hear her response, thinking it was something she said backstage in front of other wrestlers. It turns out that not quite the case, and we get to hear what she said after all.

It turns out Tessa responded in an in-ring promo before the event that she was unable to participate in herself. YouTuber DJ Delz captured the promo from the audience, and here’s what Tessa had to say on the subject:

I was in the back earlier tonight, and I had to listen to an old ECW guy that used to have a beer in his hand talk about how women shouldn’t be main eventing this event or any event. And then that led to him saying that it’s not because he didn’t have faith in these women, but he didn’t have faith in you fans. Now I don’t know about you guys, but it’s 2020 and I think that’s a crock of horse shit. Because the women in this ring right now are some of the best women’s wrestlers — no, they’re some of the best wrestlers — in this business! Look around! You’re looking at some of the women who have traveled the world and gone to different countries and held notable titles in notable companies all over the entire world. Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anybody better to main event.

You can watch the entire thing yourself (don’t worry, the camera gets less shaky after a moment).